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A legend is born! SMF Gen1 SMF Gen1 user SMF Gen2 Re-Curve Radical Re-Curve Black The Black SMF Standard SMF Digi Camo Digi Camo with G10 Flag The Ghost with DGG Standard Gen2 With DGG Jack of all trades Hard Chrome SMF
MSC Cobalt Damscus Dagger/NM MSC Titan Dagger/NM MSC NM MSC NM Tanto MSC NM CB MSC NM Tanto Net Grid MSC NM Damascus MSC NM Full Digi Camo MSC NM DragonSpine MSC NM Tanto Dragon Spine MSC Harpoon MSC Dagger MSC Dagger FWP
DDC With Miled in US Flag DDC Tanto With Miled in USA DDC 60 NiTinol PM DDC Starlingear DDC Stainless Damascus DDC Damasteel DDC Mildot DDC Tanto Mildot DDC Sweet Dream DDC Tanto Sweet Dream DDC Urban Hissatsu Cru-Wear DDC Hissatsu K.E.V.L.A.R DDC Sheep Foot DDC Razor Sheep Foot DDC Handcuff DDC Spear Point DGG DDC Spear Point SGG DDC Spear Point Cru-Wear DDC XMCMPD2 Black DDC XMPD2 Bead Blasted DDC CPMD2 DDC Stone Washed DDC Mad at Al? DDC Morse Code DDC True Satin Tanto DDC Rhino? DDC Trisula DDC Razor Wire DDC Damascus Tanto DDC Full Digi Camo DDC DGG Razor Tanto DDC DGG True Satin DDC Stubby
SOCOM #120 NSN #015 My SMF MSC Prototype SMF J SMF DDC Shroud Cutter CuBe SMF SMF Trainer Forum SMF Bad-Lands SMF Plaza Cutlery Exclusive Dog Paw Plaza Cutlery Prototype Dog Skull T.A.D Gear SMF Blue Line Gear Exclusive Tanto #018 RW-1 #016 WT SMF The Grey Ghost G10/Ti WT CB/Ti SMF